Venture Home Design was founded in 2010 as a ‘kissing cousin’ to Cowboy Log Homes, to serve customers who wanted access to our vast design experience but not in the log home variety. Over the years we have designed many things and provided drafting services for a variety of situations including townhouses, modern homes, bardominiums, timber frame homes, rustic new homes, etc. Our drafting services have also been utilized by commercial customers for conceptual massing rendering, troubleshooting accessibility for modifications to a plan, and plot plan/conceptual drawings.

The advantages of choosing us over an architecture firm are many. Often architects’ drawings look great but are more focused on “art”ictecture instead of comprehensive designs that can be easily understood and built from. Mike has been a licensed general contractor and master builder for the last 20 years and brings this field experience and practicality to the table for each and every job.

Our passion is to design outstanding homes and buildings that are cost-conscience, accurately drawn, and realistic. Our vast hands-on building experience on numerous dirt-to-done projects allows us to make your new home journey less stressful by sharing our experience and expertise.

Venture Home Design homes can be found across Montana as well as in many other states and Canada. Live Zoom planning sessions allows a seamless design process without face-to-face meetings. Sit-down meetings are also welcome by appointment at our office in Belgrade, MT.

Another popular choice is to purchase the dryin material package through us. This saves the builder and owner time and headache and quickly provides a material cost based on your finalized drawings.

And if an architect’s perspective is important to you, our son, Daniel Lemmon, is fresh from an Art College (maintaining the highest GPA in his class for his Architecture degree). So for added flair, his insights are often valuable.

Venture Home Design is a full-service design company and family-owned. We have a working relationship with structural engineers licensed in multiple states. If structural engineering or geo-technical analysis is required for a home, Mike is very familiar with interpreting Engineering and geo-technical analysis data and notes and tailoring the finalized plans to the desired standards. (*Note, structural engineering and geo-tech analysis are contracted separately from the design cost and are not included by Venture Home Design).

Another common need is plans that are modified to meet a Home Owner’s Association standards. Compliance is very important obtain approval and prevent delays in the building process. We deal with this scenario often and are well-versed in navigating this process with you or the builder.

Venture Home Design
Mike and Sue Lemmon
Belgrade, Montana