Log Home Design

This is a custom log home designed with 8″ diameter Swedish Cope log walls and other structural log members for the ridge beam, support posts, header beams, floor joists, and purlins. This is a 2,056 square foot home with three bedroom and two baths.

The fact that this is a stacked log home, instead of a log sided home, is verified by the log tails that stack up on the outside of the corners. This is a saddle notched corner, meaning that every log end is visible on both sides of the corner. The log railing and log support posts and header beam on the covered porch and back deck add more rustic country feel to this home.

The floor plan is a three bedroom two bath arrangement on the first floor with a great room. The upstairs is a half loft situated over the center of the house. The great room is on the front of the house with the master bedroom in the rear, allowing a cathedral ceiling over both.

As the loft plan details, the loft is located in the center of the plan where the dormers tie into the roofline. The round circles within the wall denote where the support posts are both within the exterior walls and in the center of the home.

The final home looks slightly different than the original designs because the builder and owner decided it was more cost effective to use stacked log between the windows on the view side (to the left of the photo) instead of the vertical posts. After construction the builder admitted that the vertical posts would have been easier to deal with during the build than the individual wall logs because each log had to be hand-scribed to fit between the windows. The vertical posts would have allowed for more window glass.