Site Plans

The design for a new home is incomplete without a detailed site plan. Site plans can be basic or they can be more detailed depending on the information required by the county/city and/or HOA, how complex the project is, and the ramifications of the job site.

This sample plot plan details the irregular shape of the lot boundaries, degrees and minutes of angles, location of the house, driveway, septic, well, propane tank, easements, and cul-de-sac. This document with this level of designing was required for the HOA approval. It also assured the county planning department that all easements and setbacks were begin adhered to.

This next sample plot plan was designed for a home to be built on a small lot within the city of Bozeman, Montana. The plot plan details the house placement, fire hydrant, driveway, landscaping, setbacks, and directionality.

For the townhouse projects we have been involved with, plot plans include all of the units to be built on the building site. Often one is constructed at a time, but setbacks, easements, parking, and other details have to be defined before the project starts.