3D Architectural Rendering Services

The ability to visualize a project through the lens of 3D reality has transformed the world of home design. While two-dimensional was common with hand drafting, the software available to us today makes 3D architectural rendering services a viable option with quick adjustments with dynamic software like Revit. In the days of hand drafting, the change of a few lines could mean a complete redraw. Today with a few clicks of a mouse the changes are updated on both the screen you are viewing and throughout the entire home design.

The Best Architectural Visualization

While many programs are available, architectural visualization of homes is almost always accomplished today with the AutoDesk product Revit. Extra flourishes can be added with programs such as Twinmotion, which was originally designed for the gaming world but also works well for creating life-like pictural representations of homes and even large commercial projects. Revit enables us to construct a flat floor plan while the computer also calculates and draws the three-dimensional reality in the background.

Arch Rendering

Going a step further with the arch rendering, Revit allows the draftsman to assign types of materials to various places in the project. Exterior elevations can be embellished with stone, stucco, wood siding, log siding, brick, or veneer in just about any combination. Interior spaces can be fleshed out with furniture, appliances, floor coverings, lighting fixtures, and more to make the living spaces come alive for the viewer.

Rendering of Architecture

So how important is it to have an accurate rendering of the architecture for your project? Very, very important. Going into building a house without first having detailed drawings is selling a home project short. The investment of even $5,000 or $10,000 in a set of detailed drawings is only a 1% or 2% cost on a project of $500,000. Detailed rendering of your custom design allows you to visualize your ideas while also putting accurate measurements to room sizes, storage spaces, garage stalls, and porches. It also forces you to look at these room sizes from a very practical point of view. It is wise to take a measuring tape and see how the living room or kitchen in the planned home compares to the one you currently live in. Take the time to ask yourself, “Is this room too large? too small?”, “What would I like to change?” Questions like these helps to translate abstract feelings about space and pull them into articulated reality.

Another important reason to invest in architectural rendering services is to have the necessary documentation to obtain HOA approval, secure building permits, and gather accurate cost estimates for the construction of the home. Contractors and builders are notorious for not even giving more than a broad ballpark figure without a finalized set of drawings. Bidding a project takes a tremendous amount of time (to the tune of 40 or more hours). When the builder sees you have a finalized set of drawings it shows a level of commitment on your part that helps encourage them to invest the time it takes to bid a complete job.

Architectural Rendering Services

It today’s digital world it is no longer necessary to limit yourself to architectural rendering services near you geographically. Through Zoom sessions, phone calls, and emailed files we have successfully designed projects throughout the United States and Canada. It is more important to have a draftsman who understands your desires while matching that with a vast knowledge of practical building experience, as we offer, than it is to hire someone who is a few miles away. Of the last 25 home designs we completed, we sat down face-to-face with one or two homeowners. Recently we met with a business owner who was vacationing in Spain and needed designs completed. Through Zoom meetings and emails, we were able to provide everything he needed.

“Overall, I want to thank you for your speed and good work in getting these concept drawings updated.” D.L.

Rendering of Architecture for Your Home

Renderings of architecture for your home do not have to be done by a high-cost architect. We are in fact better than architects because we have decades of general contracting experience that we infuse into each design. Our home designs not only look great but they are extremely accurate and easy to build from. 3D architectural renderings for both outside elevations and also for perspective and sectional drawings greatly assist in eliminating the flat feel and open the house up visually, almost unfolding like a pop-up child’s book. So take the time to dream, jot down ideas, save photos, and call us when you are ready to design your next dream home.

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